Tax and Financial Professional
Taking the Enrolled Agents exam in 1979, Thorburn scored in the top 21 in the country out of over 5,000 candidates on a test that only 30% typically pass. Furthering his knowledge in the financial arena, he became a Certified Financial Planner® licensee in 1983, and has been licensed in various related fields, including real estate (1978 to 2000), life and disability insurance, and securities sales. More recently Mr. Thorburn became the first person to systematically describe how early-stage alcoholism results in the financial abuse of others, and what those affected can do about it.
A popular speaker among tax and financial professionals for over fifteen years, Doug Thorburn has an uncanny ability to dissect a complex subject into small bites and then bring the pieces together in a meaningful fashion. Throughout his professional career, Mr. Thorburn has given talks on topics as diverse as the tax consequences of divorce, the complexity and loopholes of the alternative minimum tax and the investment attributes of real estate. Recently, he has spoken to alcoholism experts on “early identification of alcoholism and why family and friends just don’t get it,” as well as to libertarians on “alcoholism and power trips.” A “talk sampler” is available on audio-cassette by request.
Doug Thorburn wrote a client newsletter for 20 years before commencing his first book. He combined 25 years’ experience in tax law, investments and financial planning with his practical knowledge of addiction to describe behavior patterns indicative of early-stage alcoholism. Many addiction professionals believe that his work will revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of addiction. Others suspect his ideas will transform law enforcement and completely change the way in which we view both history and current events. Doug, a libertarian long before more than a few knew the meaning of the term, is no stranger to controversy. Consistent with his style, Thorburn is in the process of creating a paradigm shift in the field of alcoholism.
Prevent Tragedy Foundation

In 2001, Doug Thorburn founded the PrevenTragedy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. The Foundation’s goal, consistent with Doug’s other work, is to educate the public on the importance of early identification of alcoholism, behavioral indications of addiction and actions to take with the goal of preventing rather than reacting to tragedy.