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Doug Thorburn's Wealth Creation Strategies

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Important note: Information in these articles were deemed accurate by the author when written. The state of the art or law may have changed since the publication date. You must seek your own counsel to determine whether the law or its interpretation has changed, as well as the appropriate application to you and your situation of the information and ideas contained in these articles.

Issue #35
Winter 08-09

  • The wealth of individuals Part 3: investments move in "spurts." Above all, avoid losses.
  • Traditional-to-Roth conversions can be a great strategy even for Social Security recipients
  • An Austrian school of economics perspective on the crash

Issue #34
Fall 08

      Economic Meltdown

  • The wealth of individuals Part 2:
    Why low taxes on the "rich" is good for the "upwardly mobile"
  • Crony capitalism—not free markets—caused the economic catastrophe
  • Dear Barack
  • Dear John

Issue #33
Summer-Fall 08

      The Medical Conundrum

  • The importance of flexibilty
  • Regulation is the problem; freedom is the cure
  • Ranking the U.S. 37th in the world is political propoganda

Issue #32
Summer 08

  • The wealth of individuals
  • The importance of stability
  • Save early and save often
  • Real estate hasn’t yet bottomed

Issue #31
Winter 07-08

  • Alcoholics get away with murder. How?
  • Are Health Savings Accounts better than IRAs?
  • Elder Abuse and other financial thuggery
  • Are reverse mortgages right for you?

Issue #30
Fall 07

  • Updates on contributions to retirement plans and health savings accounts
  • Real estate succumbs to perfect storm
  • Simplified recordkeeping simplified
  • Real tax brackets for low income earners

Issue #29
Summer 07

  • Pins in the real estate bubble
  • Lose a home, pay more tax
  • Real tax brackets for Social Security recipients
  • Prevent tax tragedy— call us!

Issue #28
Spring-Summer 07

  • Who are you?
  • Another good reason to be early
  • What tax bracket are you in?

Issue #27
Winter 06-07

  • High-income earner Roth strategy
  • Retiree-IRA-charity strategy
  • Low-income IRA strategy
  • How to take title to real estate
  • Lower tax rates increase tax collections

Issue #26
Summer-Fall 06

  • The Real Cost of Dinner
  • Say no! to deductions for underwear
  • Pop! goes the real estate bubble
  • Avoiding social security tax

Issue #25
May–Jun 06

  • Prop. 82 will fail in its objectives and exacerbate
    California’s financial problems
  • Towards a better understanding of Roth IRAs
  • It’s deductible and saves zero tax. Huh?

Issue #24
Jan–Apr 06

  • Tax complification
  • Inherited IRAs and compound growth
  • Tax and financial myths and half truths

Issue #23
Nov–Dec 05

  • A worldwide mania
  • The bubble becomes obvious
  • Pros and cons of land investments
  • Private vs. government oil
  • Year-end planning opportunities

Issue #22
Sep–Oct 05

  • Real estate on the precipice
  • How the new Bankruptcy law could affect all of us
  • The Roth 401(k) and you
  • Congressman notices the AMT
  • Tax Myth of the Month: IRA confusion
  • Misleading financial advertising

Issue #21
Jul–Aug 05

  • A bubble about to burst?
  • The right tax isn’t always the best decision
  • Plunges in income require advance planning
  • The importance of curiosity

Issue #20
Feb–Apr 05

  • Health savings accounts and you
  • Income changes—up or down—require advance planning
  • ‘04 and ‘05 maximum retirement plan contributions

Issue #19
Dec 04–Jan 05

  • Sales tax deduction revived
  • Liability for sales tax on Internet purchases
  • Telecommunications checklist addendum

Issue #18
Oct–Nov 04

  • Principled voting
  • A libertarian interventionist mulls over the election
  • Are California real estate prices at a peak?

Issue #17
Jan–Apr 04

  • Simplify your recordkeeping
  • A cure for the high cost of medical care
  • California government needs tough love
  • Understanding the Alternative Minimum Tax

Issue #16
Nov–Dec 03

  • Should you pre-pay April’s property tax?
  • Year-end donations
  • When capital gains and IRA withdrawals can be profitable

Issue #15
Sep–Oct 03

  • Marriage penalties - down, but not out
  • Tax benefits of children - a challenge in divorce
  • California’s mess and the recall
  • Make 25% on your IRA

Issue #14
Jul–Aug 03

  • New tax rates on everything p. 1-3
  • More great Roth IRA ideas p. 4-5
  • How to make the most of our services

Issue #13
Mar–Jun 03

  • Additional depreciation for some
  • Covert tax brackets: false advertising
  • Letting inflation do the work of Congress
  • Letters to Doug: does collective social mood determine events?

Issue #12
Jan–Feb 03

  • How to deduct cat food
  • Be prepared for tax season, extensions, IRAs and 1099s!
  • Letters to Doug: Should I sell my rental property? Plus, more on 529 plans.

Issue #11
Nov–Dec 02

  • Hope, Lifetime, ESAs and 529 plans: educational tax savings for everyone
  • Euphoria, happiness, credulousness, manias and hangovers
  • Hedging one’s bets in stocks and real estate
  • Dear Doug: when is “income averaging” beneficial?
  • The real story of Thanksgiving

Issue #10
Sep–Oct 02

  • The low-down on home office deductions
  • Answers to your questions--brand new “Letters to Doug” column
  • Gifts or incentives--tax court decision that may affect your business
  • Vehicles--donate or sell? What’s right for you?
  • Stock market graphs--still massively overvalued

Issue #9
Jul–Aug 02

  • Spotlight on retirement planning and retirees
  • Sensible gambling—what you never knew about Roth IRAs
  • Should you invest in a 401-K, Roth IRA or pay down debt?

Issue #8
May–Jun 02

  • The Challenges of Withholding—Why breaking even is so hard to do
  • Kinder, Gentler IRS? Here’s the scoop on upcoming IRS focus areas
  • Expected reductions in income require tax planning
  • Why paying tax now can be cheaper than paying later